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Why was the COMPLEASH was created?


There were a few reasons...

  1. Solve this.

My beloved Yorkie, Margot, constantly got thirsty on walks, tongue to the pavement after two blocks. Living a busy life in NYC, forgetting her water bottle was commonplace and treats? Forget about those. Without fail, I would stop in local businesses to buy bottles of water and serve her from my hand (see left as demonstrated by Carl the Pug). Needless to say, more water ended up on the ground than in her mouth.

2. Encourage better health.

I realized early on the importance of fresh, clean water for pets. Margot contracted giardia, a waterborne parasite, as a puppy. It was such a bad case that it never fully cleared from her system. As a result, I was hyperaware of what and where she was drinking. I learned that communal bowls outside stores/businesses or at dog runs could carry harmful diseases (e.g., leptospirosis). Natural water sources (e.g., streams and lakes) could transmit parasites, like giardia. In fact, this is a real issue. There was a leptospirosis outbreak in NJ during the summer of 2017!


3. Create something more convenience, more grab n' go vs what's available.

I owned many portable pet water bowls/bottles, but I found the dangling cumbersome. Margot refused to drink from oblong-shaped or fabric bowls. Plus, yours truly would forget to bring these along anyway. Other items needed to be remembered and packed, as well, so they too would be forgotten.


4. Cut out the prep work required for walks and trips with Fido.

Ever the multi-tasking city dweller, I never knew where the dog walk would take us. It would have been terrific to have all the necessities at my fingertips so that we could both keep moving.


5. Raise the standard when it comes to portability.

Margot was a toy dog prone to hypoglycemia (as so many of them are). While their small size makes them portable, it's important to have food or treats for toy breeds on hand if out for many hours to avoid glucose levels from falling too low.

In a nutshell, it had to fit my criteria, which were:  


Contains the leash, ergonomic handle and opens up to a full dinette.

—Easy to use

Nothing complicated.

—Strong & Safe

Reinforced with rust-proof steel, safety and pull tested. Single source water is better for your pet.

—Impossible to Forget

Nothing to clip, pack or dangle. Just grab n' go, since everything's part of the leash!

—Ready to Serve

Has a stealthy, built-in water flask that holds 10-oz of water and 2 serving and storage bowls. Just untwist and serve.

—Simple to Care For

Comes apart easily for cleaning and be dishwater safe


By modular we mean, you can make it your own. The COMPLEASH can be adapted to suit any type of excursion. Going around the corner on a hot day? Take one bowl to serve water. Going on a roadtrip? Take both bowls to serve a meal on the go.

Plus, don't forget the details: love to use your own waste bag dispenser? Just attach it to the leash anchor. You're blind as a bat and can't see where to clean up the waste at night? Attach a light to the leash anchor? 


About Me

I spent most of my professional life on the creative side of healthcare advertising. In addition to writing, what I really love to do is consider how tried and true products we use every day can be improved in unexpected ways. I find nothing more gratifying than conceiving of new ideas altogether. With notebooks full of product concepts, the patent-pending COMPLEASH is the first to hit the market.

As a mother to fur and human babies, I’m proud to have designed something that makes pet owners' lives easier and to add another woman-owned business into the world.


Happy Owner

My goal is to change the way pets enjoy their people and people their pets. I hope to make the process of travel with pets easier and less stressful, making pets and people happier and more comfortable. For example, the COMPLEASH eliminates the prep work out of your walk, hike or travel with your pet! The grab n'go nature of the comes in a ridiculously convenient and complete package. And if you don't want to use the leash part, no problem. Just unhook the leash and pack the COMPLEASH in your bag. 

In a nutshell, your convenience is top of mind with every product I develop.


Happy Pet

A few happy customers said their pets have more stamina on their walks thanks to the COMPLEASH! Why? Because all they need, including fresh water, food, treats, is at their owner's fingertips. Satiate your dog, and you can pretty much keep going. Consider the breed and condition of your dog. Some require more fresh water, including toy dogs, flat-faced dog breeds and those with diabetes. In addition to access to clean water, now your pet's needs will be met on the go. Water, treats, food, training aids, or even your money, keys, ID—whatever is needed will always be on hand. 

In a nutshell, the comfort of your pet is top of mind with every product made by SitStayGo.


Happy Community

I would adopt a gaggle of homeless puppies and kittens. However, to avoid getting arrested for animal hoarding, a portion of each purchase of a SitStayGo product is donated to the PRoud rescuers of PR, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Huntington, NY. This animal advocacy organization is committed to rescuing displaced and abandoned dogs (aka “satos”) and cats (“gatos”) of Puerto Rico. Learn more>>

Building a following of happy pets, happy people, and a happy community is top of mind all the time. Learn more>>


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